Pat Harrison Waterway District





AUTHORIZATION: SECTION 51-15-1, 161, Mississippi Code, 1972 Annotated

OBJECTIVE: To assist communities within the district eliminate long and short-term flooding and drainage problems.


USES AND USE RESTRICTIONS: Grant Projects will be considered for flood control and drainage improvements such as culverts, bridges, dredging and snagging of streams and ditches, draining marshy areas, and stream channelization. All requests for assistance will be reviewed by the District's engineer to determine if the proposed improvement is within the purview of this Grant Program.


1.    Applicant Eligibility: Applicants shall be municipalities, counties, and other political subdivisions within the district boundaries.

2.    Credentials/Documentation: All applications must describe the type of proposed project, estimated cost, extent of proposed project, estimated time for construction implementation, and assurance that the project will satisfy statutory requirements. In the case of force account work, all work or cost expended prior to the project's approval shall not be allowed. Applicant must show proof of right to enter property if the property is privately owned. Also, applicant must show proof of appropriate federal and state permits for drainage and construction. In the event that a proposed project requires dredging or excavation of the drainage ditch and/or the stream, it will be necessary to first contant the Corps of Engineers, Mobile District, advising them of the plans. This initial action will be in compliance with Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, where such projects may involve the disturbance of wetlands. Following their review, the Corps of Engineers will likely send a field representative to meet on site with someone representing the local entity. Thereafter, it will be determined by the Corps of Engineers if the project can be permitted.

3.    Coordination: If it is unclear from precedent set over time that a specific project is eligible for funding, a Pat Harrison Waterway District representative will meet with the applicant and community leaders to review the matter. If it is found by the District that the project and the applicant are eligible, the applicant may proceed as defined below in the application and award process.


1.    Applicant Procedure: All applicants should contact the Pat Harrison Waterway District in Hattiesburg. Only requests for assistance made by the President of the Board of Supervisors, or another Board Supervisor acting on behalf of the President will be considered. A signed copy of either a Board of Supervisor resolution in support of the expenditures or a copy of its minutes regarding its approval of the expenditure must be attached. An application shall consist of a letter describing the project in detail and giving estimates of cost for the total project. There are no special forms for the grant program. If the applicant is not a county official, then the applicant must seek approval from the County Board of Supervisors wherein the project is located. A resolution from the Board of Supervisors in support of the project will be required to gain assistance.

2.    Award Procedure: Grant applications are approved by a majority vote of the board of directors of the Pat Harrison Waterway District at a regularly scheduled meeting with a quorum present. The applicant shall submit a set of plans and specifications, signed and stamped by a registered professional engineer, registered in the State of Mississippi, which are to be approved by the District engineer. Project contractor award should be make on the lowest and best bid submitted by a responsible bidder defined as one who can furnish 100 percent performance and payment bonds and who meets the applicable state and local statutory requirements. The District and the applicant should have the right to reject any and all bids. In the event the applicant uses force account work as a part of the project cost, a registered professional engineer employed by the applicant should determine all costs of materials and services rendered by the applicant. These costs shall be approved by the District engineer before credit can be given. Notification of acceptance of projects will be made in writing to the applicant and a copy of the notice sent to the President of the Board of Supervisors.

DEADLINE: Application for assistance may be filed at any time of the year. However, when funds bedgeted for that year have been depleted, unfunded projects will be considered the next fiscal year if funds are available at that time.

RANGE OF APPROVAL/DISAPPROVAL TIME: Normally withint 90 days of acceptance of application.




1.    Formula and Matching Requirements: The basic grant is 50 percent of the total project cost to be a maximum of $25,000 for each project; however, in the event of hardship or emergency, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, more than $25,000 may be awarded. These funds may be used with other grants or loans from federal, state, or local sources to form a larger project.

2.    Length and Time Phasing of Assistance: After the project has been completed, the applicant will request reimbursement as previously approved by the Board of Directors. Funds will not be transferred to the applicant until proof of expenditure is given and the Board of Directors has been given certification by the District's engineer that the project is acceptable and payment is in order. The Board reserves the right to withdraw grants for projects not under contract with 12 months of approval date.


1.    Reports: Reporting and performance monitoring may be required by the Board.

2.    Audits: All grants are subject to audit by the auditor of the District and the State in accordance with the state statutes.

3.    Records: Records are required and audits may be made to ensure proper expenditure of funds.

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